Tram Mushroom – the dish you can’t ignore in Phu Quoc


Tram Mushroom (mushroom Tràm) is a very delicious specialties in Phu Quoc which can be cooked with shrimp, fish, squids, fish meat balls,… so amazing!

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About mushroom Tram

Mushrooms “Tràm” solely grow when the primary rains within the mangrove forest. Mangrove leaves and bark of the tree fall into the category of last season has begun into humus layer is developed to mushrooms “Tràm”. Spawn was hatched within the soil humus layer, when the rainy season series, the little circle the scale of the mushroom finger started obtaining out from mangrove bark and leaves to safeguard it from last season. Mushrooms “Tràm” and gradually began to burst last month, quite all season.

After one, 2 initial rains, the individuals living by selecting mushrooms have began to prepare mushrooms “Tràm” harvests. They entered the forest, visiting the world to examine where mildew has began to develop, following per week of having the ability to put to reap mushrooms. usually they take the complete family, painstakingly selecting baskets all day till the last to go away.

Tram Mushroom is a very delicious specialties in Phu Quoc (via Du lịch)

Various dishes from mushroom Tram

Mangrove forest left, carrying baggage of mushroom pickers, they drop the amount of nearby residents, sharing many rolls and chicken pot is often obtainable to borrow, kitchen. Boiled chicken cooked to medium, for a bunch of freshly picked mushrooms in ready. Pot of chicken broth into the soup had not eaten mushrooms that craving. Each the gang gathered to tear the chicken with salt pepper, chewing forget talking. However the foremost delicious mushroom soup is hot cups, the cooked mushrooms into the mouth to feel brittle, spongy, bitter as chewing because the spreading of recent messages. Sluggishness sweet slurp soup items of mushroom flavor and chicken, the style of mushrooms currently see clearly, however it sound bitter. The bitter style are some things that a lot of food lovers stabbed mushrooms “Tràm” – Phu Quoc. They eat mushrooms however don’t drink, therefore when the new food presentation a lot of like sipping tea table to fancy the flavour is created of mushrooms “Tràm”.

Dish from Tram mushroom (via Phu Quoc Island Travel)

In Phu Quoc island Vietnam, mushrooms “Tràm” are cooked with shrimp, squid may be a common dish, season to possess any house. however if slightly exhausting, clean fish or fish for barracuda meat to fried fish cooked with mushrooms, the new member is totally correct owls. When making ready food, hit the limited pot of boiling water sort of a duck western grain or inexperienced beans to eat duck eggs tea, eating this manner is additionally a wonderful style of the dish and mushrooms “Tràm”.

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