Son Tra Peninsula – attractions worth a visit (Part 1)


About 13km away from Danang city center, Son Tra Peninsula is not only famous for its amazing views, but it’s also lined up with things to do and see.


Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung pagoda in Son Tra peninsula is the largest, newest, and most beautiful pagoda in three Linh Ung pagodas of Danang. Located at about 10km to the northeast of the center of Danang city, at the height of 693m above the sea level, this pagoda is considered a privilege that the Mother Nature has generously offered to Danang. The important highlight of Linh Ung pagoda s the statue of Avalokitesvara Buddha, which is considered the highest in Vietnam (Việt Nam) (67 meters). The statue stands leaning against the mountain overlooking the sea.

Linh Ung Pagoda (via Tour du lịch – Du Lịch Việt Nam)

Ban Co Peak

The way up to this peak is winding, which is a journey that you could experience many beautiful and dreaming sceneries of Son Tra peninsula. Experiencing the road from the foot of the peninsula to Ban Co peak, all tiredness will be carried away by the immense space as the place of Elysium. Standing on this high point of nearly 700 meters, you can see the whole Danang. In the distance, there is a busy and bustling city with buildings and 9 famous bridges spanning Han River. It is highly recommended to climb to the peak of Ban Co in the early morning, when the city has still not awaken, the nature in this peninsula also have just stirred, and the sun  light has glimmered on the other side of the mountain.

Millennial Banyan Tree

Millennial banyan tree in Son Tra Peninsula (via Handetour)

At the 63 sub-region of Son Tra natural reserve, there are many banyan trees creating a population of banyan trees. In this population, there is a very beautiful banyan tree with many secondary roots hanging down deeply into the ground, creating a beauty that not many places acquire. According to the report of the Management Board of Son Tra peninsula, this banyan tree has a circumference of 10 meters, 26 secondary roots, each about 25 meters in height. The banyan tree is considered as the heritage of the city and being a tourist attraction of the city. Here, you could rest, relax, and take beautiful photos to mark the time to enjoy, admire and explore this giant tree.

Tien Sa Port

Along with Han River port, Tien Sa port with the key position in Danang port system contributes an important role in the development of cruise tourism economy of the city and central region, both in the present and in the long term. Tien Sa port is a natural deep-water port with long berth, which is capable of receiving large ships and has a great potential to develop. The geographic location of this port is quite favorable, helped Tien Sa not only with ship field but also tourism. In addition to receiving international tourism ships to Danang, Tien Sa is also a wonderful landscape for tourists to contemplate.

Tien Sa ecotourism zone (via Youvivu wiki)

Tien Sa Beach

Tien Sa ecotourism zone is situated down Yet Kieu road, near Tien Sa port, about 10 km away from the city center. This is an attractive tourism destination in Danang. Tien Sa Beach is associated with the legend which went into poetry, music and painting. The beach is located independently to the north of Son Tra Peninsula with quiet and pristine views. Coming here, you could be able to immerse yourself with the nature, with the blue sea, white sand and golden sunshine. This is an absolutely safe place for tourists to take a rest and celebrate events.

(To be continued)

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