Son Tra Peninsula – attractions worth a visit (Part 2)


Son Tra Peninsula is considered as a precious jewel that given by nature with a lot of tourist attractions. Here are the next destination in this peninsula that worth a visit.

>>Binh Ba Island

Black Stone Beach (Da Den Beach)

Nestled on the north shore of Son Tra Peninsula, Da Den beach is incredibly pristine though it is just about 1 hour away from Danang city by boat. There are many big black rocks interleaved or stacked creating very beautiful views. Particularly, in the reef area, there are many beautiful artificial lakes which are shielded by large boulders, so the water is green all year round. Besides, the waves here are very soft which are very suitable for tourists to swim. In some appropriate places, tourists can also take part in fishing and snorkeling groups.

Da Den Beach (via

Nghe Cape

Nghe Cape, also known as Nghe Island is located at the southeast of Son Tra Peninsula. This is the first place in Danang welcoming the dawn. Nowadays, with the wild and mysterious beauty, Nghe Cape was chosen by the tour designers to deploy sea diving service and become one of the most attractive destinations in the tour around Son Tra peninsula. In Nghe Cape, sea diving service is very potential because this waters area has over 42 types of rare coral reefs. In addition, based on many advantages of Nghe Cape, tour designers add the service of fishing with local fishermen into the tours.

Nam Beach

Nam Beach in Son Tra Peninsula, also known as Nom (Nờm) or Nom (Nồm) beach, is one of beautiful beaches in Son Tra peninsula resort, where there is a 4-star Son Tra Resort and Spa. If you look from My Khe (MỹKhê) beach, you can will Nam beach in the distance. At the Nam beach area, if you go a few hundred meters offshore, you will see a very beautiful coral reefs and snorkeling activities often take place here.

Son Tra Peninsula (via VietNam Travel)

But Beach

But Beach becomes very familiar with not only domestic but also international tourists. Coming here, you can rent a hut, then eat and sing freely beside the blue sea shores. Also, you could participate in sea games such as surfing, skydiving, etc. The But Beachlandmark – Son Tra peninsula is famous not only by the natural sceneries, but also known as Buddha place at the human realm. Nestled in a beautiful strait, But Beach is a crossing place between the sea and mountains, where there are people from cities coming to immense places of the sky and sea.

Bac Beach

Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula (via Làng Việt)

Here, there are a lot of dark green seaweeds sticking on the rocks from October to November. Locals often call them as “jam” (mứt), a pretty tasty specialty. Due to the beautiful sceneries here, the SunGroup chose and built a 5-star Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula – which was considered as one of the new luxury resorts in Asia in 2013. Starting in operation from 6/2012, up to now this resort has become a destination of many stars, celebrities, politicians and important figures in the world. Designed by architect Bill Bensley – one of 5 world renowned architects, this resort has a design style harmonizing with the nature of Son Tra Peninsula, giving tourists many unforgettable experiences.

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