Useful tips for traveling Vietnam on a budget?


Vietnam is already a budget destination that makes a traveler feel richer. No matter where you are, travelling on a smart budget always helps. Traveling through this beautiful country is a sure way to explore at the right price!

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Find travel buddies

It’s also very easy to find other travelers to split various costs with, which makes things all that much easier if you’re a solo traveler. If you are travelling as a couple, or just as a group of friends, most hotels and guest houses charge per room (per cabin if that’s a cruise or per vehicle if that’s a taxi car); not per person. Teaming up with fellow travellers heading in the same direction should also be considered, as it is always easier to split price of rooms and transport when there are a few of you.

Travel in group in Vietnam (via Intrepid Travel)

Do the search

Knowing how much things generally cost will help prevent you from getting scammed. Even if you’re planning to fly in the busiest period, you still have the possibility of saving big on your travel. Searching for online deals and discounts is a smart tactic that you must get aware of if you intend to make great savings. It would be helpful if you plan in advance and look out for the deals on the web.

Be flexible

Timing is everything when you’re attempting to save. Even the most minor tweak in your plans can change your overall costs significantly. Flexibility can get you far. Try it the next time if you can afford to travel in an off peak season. Traveling in the shoulder seasons can help you to save a great deal. For example, if you are traveling during the summer from May to end of September, there’s a big deal for most Halong Bay cruises from 20% to 40% discount. Although it might not be ideal weather, you’ll still have the chance to explore a destination without getting bothered because of the crowds.

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As a tourist, expect to be charged more than the item or service is worth, but don’t take it personally or feel intimidated – instead, be confident and find ways of haggling. In some cases, learning a little Vietnamese can work well, or simply knowing when to walk away from a sale.

Eat local food

One of the highlights of traveling in any country in the world is getting to sample not only the local cuisine but also the local culture. You can save a lot of money by exploring the cheap and delicious street food available everywhere in Vietnam. This would not just save you cash, but it would also let you experience what the locals eat. Local restaurants are generally only marginally more expensive. Pick a popular stand, do as the locals do and go for it. Alternatively, if you want a truly authentic Vietnamese dining experience, eat a meal with a local family with home-stay or learn how to cook the dishes yourself with cooking class.

Vietnamese food (via Restaurants in Vietnam)

Agree taxi prices before you jump in

If you’re looking for a ride, taxis are in abundance in most towns and cities. However, before you jump in, be sure to agree a price for your journey. And make sure you know the exact address of where you want to stop off at. Generally, taxis are pretty reasonable when they have to be taken. By going with reliable companies like Vinasun or Mailinh, which don’t fix their meters to cheat tourists, they don’t cost too much. They are even much cheaper than the motorbike taxis (xe-om) price.

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